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Art of Life

Core Pattern Readings

Karmic Clearing for  Cellular Enlightenment

Practitioners Training


October 29,30,31 2014 10am-5:00pm 2014


November 26,27,28 2014 10am-5:00pm 2014


January 4 12-6pm 2015



 with Anandashakti/Xenia

limited to 8 participants




Pre-requisite: Core Pattern Reading,

To become an Art of Life, Core Pattern Practitioner is a Soul's Path calling. It is a unique opportunity to have a significant lifestyle change that will remove the division between what you do for your day to day work and your spiritual path.


Our planet is suffering because of lack of awareness. Individuals are not aware of their Divinity or the karmic "stories" that are obstructing them. This lack of awareness is the cause of illness, conflict and wars on personal and global levels, pollution, poverty, power struggles, greed, anger, depression, fear, grief, envy, lack of compassion, exhaustion, false pride, difficulty with expression, a lack of ability to access ones potential...... to name a few !


These life afflictions that we are  conditioned to accept, are not really a necessary part of life. They are a result  of a  lack of perception of our Divine Nature and limited awareness of our own experience of life.  With a shift in perception they become the impetus for self evolution and what was formally a burden becomes a spring board to living life as a journey in  Love.

 As an Art of Life Practitioner you will  help  bring Awareness and healing to many Souls hungry for liberation and assist in the healing of the consciousness of the planet, as well as deepen your own awareness and self transformation every time you receive a reading for another.



  During the "Art of Life" training you  will receive :

Training Schedule:

" You are not who you think you are "
 The Archetypes
 How to recognise and release Karmic Patterns

"Be the Change"
Transpersonal Healing
Transcending the
 Limitations of our Personality


 Core Pattern Reading  Attunements


follow up session to review experiences you have with clients  and any personal questions


Cost : $1600 plus hst


$400 non refundable deposit available once you have  been accepted in the training. The remainder due on the first day of training or by payment plan that will suit your budget. Please discuss this with the Sananda administration.


note : If you have already attended the two workshops or have received you Soul Path reading and do not want to review them  there will be an adjustment in your tuition fee.


methods of payment: 
*in full by the start day of the training
* payment plan ( can be designed to fit your situation, *additional 2% admin charge will apply)
* paypal ( + 3% pay pal fee )


Workshop Descriptions:


" You are not who you think you are "

The Archetypes

How to Recognize and Release Karmic Patterns


Recognizing your life as an expression of the archetypes is the path of   spiritual liberation while living in the world. By witnessing your experiences, choices, thoughts and feelings as expressions of the collective archetypal patterns of humanity, you are no longer limited by their imprint; in fact they become doorways to discovering untapped potential, compassion, and love.


The Spirit of our times asks from us the resolving of fear and wounding  so we may be open to higher love and the  healing of  the individual and the planet .There is so much more beauty and depth  available to us in life than we generally embrace. By experiencing life as the expression of archetypes you will see yourself in others, the joyless expression of taking things personally   and reacting with judgment of anger and fear to others or yourself will release into Understanding, Compassion and Healing.


During the workshop you will be introduced to 7 primary archetypal levels of karmic personality, their strengths, fears and wounds. For each level you will receive energetic transmissions that facilitate Cellular Healing to let go of the limiting effects of that level of personality identification. This process assists in awakening your untapped potential and transforming suffering/fear to Love.


As the fear clears we become the Infinite Light    that is our birthright as part of Humanity, and learn to walk with ease and grace in our True Life Purpose.


"Be the Change"

Transpersonal Healing

Transcending the

 Limitations of our Personality


The transpersonal workshop is offered for those who feel they are ready to receive a more intensified level of energetic transmission, insight and guidance to further their healing process and spiritual awakening.

Each participant will receive a personal healing session, within the group setting. Please come with a life issue you would like to work on, something other than your core pattern. The group dynamic allows the participants to see themselves in another's story and begin the process of transcending the ego driven feeling of being separate,  that we so often feel in our own wounding.

The transpersonal workshop is designed to accelerate ones personal growth and capacity to embody higher frequency energies as we heal the pain of separation, and open to deeper levels of Self Acceptance and Compassion.

The light weaving technique will be taught, at a level of personal use, once all participants have been assisted in their clearing process.








Becoming Cosmic Love - A Journey through the Chakras

with Anandashakti


2013, 9am-6:00pm


Explore the Chakras and discover the secrets of peace, health, self development, spiritual inspiration and transforming life patterns. This workshop will be an exploration of the chakras from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective including yogic techniques to awaken and harmonize the chakras.


There are 7 primary Chakras. Each one of them governs an aspect of self development that is part of the blue print of our human experience. i.e. survival, relationship, self-esteem, love, expression, intuition, universal consciousness. When you view life as an expression of chakra evolution..... everything starts to make sense, all life experiences suddenly have meaning. This understanding becomes the spring board for deep healing, evolution of consciousness and letting go of past limitations.






"Light Weaving" a new form of prayer


2012, 1:30-3:30 pm


Our Source is Light, weaved in many integrated patterns that create, the world of form and our experiences. Everything life experiences is a created by Divine Light being woven in a pattern that manifests the experience.




Prayer is a longing to re-connect with this Source. To offer gratitude, devotion, to ask for insight, assistance and healing.


Light Weaving is a technique that connects you to Universal energy to help deepen your relationship with the Source, unweave patterns of tensions or obstruction, weave new patterns of beauty and love, open energy lines so you can receive the blessings of Grace and open your intuition.


Light Weaving is a spiritual practice that can be used in any circumstance to bring you into harmony, insight, joy and love. With consistent practice this simple technique, that only takes a few minutes of the day, will assist you in moving closer to the Source of Love and let go of your identifications with suffering. It alleviates mental and emotional tensions and opens you to higher realm guidance.


Pre-requisite for this technique is the Art of Life Core Pattern Reading.



Location : TBA central toronto



Yoga Nidra Training for Yoga Teachers

with Anandashakti


Yoga Nidra is becoming a very popular aspect to yoga practice, yoga practitioners are discovering deep levels of introspection, transformation of consciousness and relaxation. Yoga Nidra a life changing journey that leads to our true potential and to the meaning of yoga, the cessations of the fluctuations of the mind. By learning how to truly relax at all levels of consciousness physical and psychic, yoga nidra heals and transforms physical, emotional, mental and karmic tensions, and transforms the personality by accessing your untapped potential.


Discover how to practice yoga nidra for your own personal growth and how to design your own yoga nidra flows in appropriate fashion for the needs of your students according to their constitutions and karmic patterns, and develop teaching skills for the most effective presentation of your yoga nidra flows. for further details



Presence Attunement

with Anandashakti


Pre-requisites: Archetypal Patterns, Transpersonal Healing, Core Pattern Reading


Presence Attunement is the next step in the Art of Life process if one would like to embody the energy at a deeper level for their own personal growth and for Planetary Healing. This day long workshop includes deeper information about how the transformation of life patterns works to effect our inner and outer environments and create Peace, as well as the Presence Attunement, personal healing and integration time. You will receive a daily practice that will serve as a vehicle to assist you in opening to higher frequency energies and greater Light.


Limited to 6 participants.




Art of Life Workshop: The Chakras

The Chakras: The Hidden Map of Life.

Uncover one of the Great Mysteries to your well being. Awaken Personal Healing, Revitalization, Spiritual Energy and find new meaning and direction in Life.

limited to 8 participants

with Anandashakti (Xenia)


Learn about the chakras, how every thought, word and gesture is an expression of these powerful energy centres. Experience the storehouse of hidden potential, of life-force energy, joy, health , resolution of past and current traumas and conflicts, new meaning and direction in your life's path, awakened spiritual energy and ultimately Self Realization.


By working conspicuously with the Chakras you will benefit from one of the deepest mystery gifts of Creation to Humanity.


The Evolutionary path of our Human consciousness to our fullest potential as Sublime beings is hidden inside within the chakras. The Chakras are the vehicle to Divine Presence, Peace and Joy,They govern every aspect of your life, past, present and future.


In this course we will look into the chakras from a classical Eastern perspective and through the eyes of modern Western psychology. This course includes theory and practice as well as instructions and guidelines to develop a daily home practice.


A certificate of participation is available at the end for yoga teachers.