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Brazil Pilgrimage for Healing and Spiritual Awakening with John of God

A Life Changing Journey with Ananda Shakti to the Casa in Central Brazil


I truly can't say enough about the purity, mystery and integrity of the spiritual work being done at the Casa de Saint Ignacio de Loyola in Abadiania Brazil, run by the "Miracle Man" John of God. My visits blankhave been life changing.about the purity, mystery and integrity of the spiritual work being done at the Casa.


You may have seen the Casa's work featured on Oprah and CNN and noticed that even the skeptics who have traveled in a research mode to John of God are deeply touched by the loving energy being transmitted there. You will never be the same after a visit to John of God. He is able to reach into the mystery of cosmic love and bring it to us in the physical form for healing and inspiration.

The Casa and the work of medium John of God is a pure transmission of Divine Love that provides one of the most direct yet gentle ways I have ever come across for deep healing and spiritual awakening.

I have been blessed with being designated an official guide to the Casa which means I have the Blessing of the Casa and the Entities of Light who provide the healings permission to lead groups on this beautiful and mysterious journey.


This journey can benefit not only you but your family and friends. Photos of family, friends or loved ones may be brought along for blessings or healings.

If you would like to know more about John of God and his work go to they have some good basic info on the Casa and Medium John of God's work.

I would be happy to answer any of your questions (


Cost and itinerary:



12 nights, Cost: $1275 cdn This includes everything listed below. I will be your guide for the 1st wk and will lead and support each step of the way, through the protocol of the Casa and your healing journey. During the 2nd wk I will be a casual guide, which means I will join in with the healing procedures offered, and I will still be available to assist with questions, daily group meetings and consolations etc.


$300 non-refundable deposit due on registration.


This Includes:


* hotel and 3 meals per day (vegetarian and non)


* transportation between Brasilia and Abadiania, to and from


* visits to John of God


* sessions in the Casa's healing current meditations


* assistance with asking your questions of John of God


* guidance in orientation and protocol at the Casa


* trips to the sacred waterfalls


* daily group discussions


*one on one time to help with integration of the healing energies being transmitted to you


Note : Price does not include airfare.


If you are not flying from Toronto, please arrange to meet at the Brasilia airport on .

I will discuss timing when you register.




Wendy and Robert


"Anandashakti is the perfect guide for this journey. She is spiritual, personable, compassionate, reliable, practical and intuitive. She is conscientious and forthright in her approach to your individual needs from being able to listen to your situation and suggest thoughts and solutions to being by your side as you approach the entities channelling through the medium (John of God) and asking for clarification when it is needed. She is reverent and fearless in her dedication to helping the people she is guiding. She will make your trip relaxing and worry free. We are most sincere in this recommendation."




"I visited Abadiania in August 2010 with a group guided by Ananda Shakti. It was an unforgettable and most wonderful experience not only because of the uniqueness of this place,but also because of the presence of Ananda Shakti who is experienced and reputable Casa guide with excellent organizational skills. Ananda Shakti took such a good care of every one of us making all the arrangements for our journey and leading us every step.I have not enough words to thank her for being there for us, for her compassion, emotional support, love, understanding, for her friendly personality and good humour,for being not judgemental, for her wisdom and for her help to put together my thoughts for healing questions to John of God.

I would highly recommend Ananda Shakti to everyone travelling to Abadiania to see John of God.She will make your healing journey so much easier, because it might be really confusing and overwhelming especially when you come to Abadiania for the first time. I will certainly join her group again!"



About Xenia (Ananda Shakti Saraswati):

A gifted and highly skilled yoga teacher, healer, founder of Sananda Yoga and Sananda Art of Life Healing, Xenia Splawinski embodies the spirit and energy of a life committed to wholeness and enlightenment. Since 1980, Xenia has devoted her life to the study, training, teaching and living of the timeless wisdoms of creation from ancient times to their new expressions in our modern psyche. She counts many of the great masters, both in India and North America as her mentors and guides.