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Yoga Nidra Teacher Training



Sat, Sun Date: Jul 22, 2017 - Jul 23, 2017


at the Downward Dog Yoga Centre Toronto


I am so happy to announce the next training session in Yoga Nidra an ancient practice of relaxation that removes the obstacles in your path to wholeness, and sets firm and deep intention for your dreams to manifest.


This 10 hrs session is for Yoga Teachers who would like to add Yoga Nidra to their offerings, and for people who are interested in this practice for Self-Transformation.




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Sublime Shakti Pilgrimage




Yoga, Meditation, Dancing, Singing, Praying, Blessings from the Goddess and more


November 15th to December 5th Of 2017








Namaste Sweet Friends I am so thrilled to be offering a collaborative tour to India this year with my dear spiritual sister Halo Saronko.


We have put together our many years of experience of pilgrimage in India and have created a Journey of Joy and a Vibrant Celebration of Life, during which we will teach you practices to reveal the Supreme Festival of Worship that resides within.


I truly hope you will join. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Sananda Yoga Teacher Training and Personal Development


Please check our Teacher Training page for program details including 2015/2016 dates and the application form.


The Sananda yoga teacher training course in Toronto is a 500 hour, Yoga Alliance registered, comprehensive experience of living yoga. Our teachers are highly gifted and greatly experienced in their areas of expertise. Enrolment is kept to a maximum of 15 students to ensure personal attention.




Xenia’s 500 hour Sananda Devi Yoga Teacher Training course has components that make this training unique and different from any other teacher trainings that are offered in the city (ie: learning more detailed philosophy, Ayurvedic studies, Yoga Nidra, and studying Sanskrit and Jyotish Astrology). The course was a transformational experience and I felt overwhelmed with gratitude at the generosity of course content. More and more learning experiences unfolded throughout the course and Xenia had a way of helping us not only prepare to become yoga teachers but to really discover ourselves on this journey along the way. Xenia created an atmosphere that felt so safe and so welcoming for us to bring the things that we are struggling with in life out into the open. She made it feel so natural to be able to share every little energetic shift that I was going through and you could tell that the entire group felt the same way. This course helped me realized that you have to know yourself and the struggles that every human spirit has with their ego before you can offer the most to your future yoga students and best support them emotionally and spiritually. Xenia is such a natural spiritual leader and she has so many blessings and gifts to offer to everyone that studies with her.




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Art of Life - Karmic Readings

Core Pattern Readings

Karmic Clearing for  Cellular Enlightenment


The aim of the Art of Life Core Pattern Reading is to assist you in reclaiming your true essence by recognizing life patterns and learning how to grow beyond them. This process allows you to heal your deepest wounding and find liberation and joy in life.


During an intuitively guided session you are given the circumstances surrounding a past life event that is responsible for the creation of your Core Pattern. The Core Pattern is held in the body's cellular memory. By working with the gestures of Choice and Grace you can let go of the pattern and the limitation it has on your evolution.


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